Widowed Mrs. Gail Saunders and her young son, Nickie, lead a quiet life, but her peace is shattered with the arrival of Raoul Melville, Earl of Saville, and the news that Nickie is named in the newly deceased Lord Devanes' will.

Raoul has come to escort her to Saville castle for the reading of the will. Gail intends to refuse the money, but it is bequeathed to her son and she is subjected to nasty innuendoes by the family. It is Raoul who comes to her aid then and again months later when she is forced to look for new lodgings.

His forceful personality persuades her to live at Saville Castle. The attraction between them grows and soon they are caught up on a liaison, one which Gail feels will come to naught.

Her happiness is broken when it seems as though someone is out to injure her son. Now it is even more imperative to keep the secret of her son's parentage to herself. But she is in a quandary to explain why the person she least expects is out to harm her.

A master of first-person narrative, Ms. Wolf leads the reader up one path and down another to the conclusion of this intriguing story. SENSUAL (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond