Intrepid reporter Kathryn Wainwright is determined to write an article about the mysterious and oh-so-popular musical sensation Jonathan Chadwick. But when she follows him into his home, she discovers a different man.

After years of being under his mother's thumb, performing throughout Europe as a child prodigy and then spending four years in the army, Jonathan has returned to work on his life's dream, his opera. The last thing he needs is a reporter snooping around.

Without his wig and makeup, Jonathan is able to fool Kathryn into thinking he is Pip, an idiot savant who really writes Jonathan's music. The charade appears to be working until Kathryn needs a husband to save her from her uncle's marriage schemes and decides Pip would make the ideal mate.

It is nearly impossible for Jonathan to keep up the masquerade when he's attracted to Kathryn. Meanwhile a nefarious creditor, an "accident" to his hand, Kathryn's uncle's plot and his own secrets add excitement to this tale of love, music and mystery.

Lyn Stone has a gift for finding unusual plotlines and spirited characters that take her stories out of the ordinary. Though a bit plot heavy and with two villains entangling the hero and heroine in danger, THE ARRANGEMENT will make readers interested in music and seeking a different kind of romance very happy. SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin