Though arranged marriages are common, Lady Christina Fitzwaryn dreams of marrying for love until King Edward betroths her to a wealthy merchant.

David de Abyndon accepts Christina as payment for his services to the king, but when she arrives at his home to plead for her freedom, he realizes he desires the beautiful and spirited young woman.

Shocked to find her betrothed is not an old man, but is in fact virile and handsome, Christina has doubts about her plan to break their engagement and marry the young knight she believes she loves.

David realizes hell have to win his bride by proving hes the only man she can love or desire. Soon they are deep in love, but their fragile bond is threatened, first by Davids birthright and then by his fealty.

The first in a marvelous trilogy by a fresh voice in the genre, BY ARRANGEMENT combines historical depth and riveting romance in a manner reminiscent of Roberta Gellis. Ms. Hunter has a true gift for bringing both history and her characters to life, making readers feel a part of the danger and pageantry of the era. SENSUAL (Jun., 432 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin