Image of The Arrivals: A Novel


Image of The Arrivals: A Novel

Marr’s worldbuilding expertise is on clear display in her latest adult title. Readers are dropped into an engaging, vivid universe, similar to the Wild West, but with demons. The plot slows in places from descriptive repetition, but the exciting, well-plotted ending makes this trip to the Wasteland worthwhile.

Life in the Wasteland is difficult for the Arrivals, thrown from our world into this strange and dangerous universe, for reasons they don’t understand. Jack, Kitty, Edgar and their crew have settled into a semblance of a life, moving from camp to camp, keeping order and fighting the evil Ajani. When Chloe arrives, Jack’s interest is piqued, but the group has more serious problems to deal with, like Ajani’s increasing obsession with Kitty. (MORROW, Jul., 288 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno