Seattle police psychologist Daphne Matthews's newest case involves the death of an unknown woman who was thrown off a bridge. Daphne and Sgt. John LaMoia work on identifying the mystery woman. They catch a break when a young man named Ferrell Walker contacts them claiming his sister Mary-Ann is missing. At the same time, Lt. Lou Boldt is concentrating his efforts on finding two other women who disappeared over the last several months.

Lou is also contacted by Mama Lu, who runs the Chinese underworld. Mama Lu and Lou Boldt have a grudging respect for each other and Lou owes her, so when she asks a favor he complies. It seems that one of her relatives died while working on a broken water main in a sinkhole. The death has been listed as an accident, but Mama Lu has her doubts, and wants Lou to investigate. Little does he suspect that this seemingly unrelated death will be the key that starts to unlock all three cases.

No one does suspense better than Ridley Pearson. The Lou Boldt series always combines psychological journeys with thrilling suspense plots. Following the development of characters Lou, Daphne and John makes them feel like trusted and valued friends. (Aug., 464 pp., $23.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith