Image of The Art of Desire


Image of The Art of Desire

This story has it all -- hot and varied sex scenes, a hunky hero to die for, a tough-yet-insecure heroine to identify with and a diary that links the characters to a tragic Old West love affair from a hundred years ago. The happy-ever-after ending is icing on the cake! Feather is an excellent writer who knows which details will evoke just
the right emotion.

Good-girl art gallery owner Mandy has met her match in bad-boy artist Jared. It doesn't help that he's directly descended from famous Native American outlaw Atacar and his artist lover Catherine. (Mandy's favorite painting is Catherine's portrait of her true love.) Jared is afraid to tell Mandy he loves her and tries to keep their relationship purely sexual. Mandy's body is addicted to Jared, but her heart is afraid she'll lose him forever. But love always finds a way, and Catherine's old diary finally convinces Jared. (HEAT, Jun., 304 pp., $14.00)
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Rhomylly Forbes