Image of The Art of Duke Hunting (Royal Entourage)


Image of The Art of Duke Hunting (Royal Entourage)

The Royal Entourage, a group of titled gentlemen who reside somewhere between The Hangover and marriage, make for a humorous, lighthearted series. Nash charms with likable characters caught in circumstances largely beyond their control, whose escapades are fun and sexy enough to engage and enchant.

There are a few things Roman Montague, Duke of Norwich, fears; ducks and water are among them. After a night of carousing he finds himself on ship known as The Drake, out in open seas, and he firmly believes he’s done for. Esme March, Countess of Derby, steps in to get him through the storm and back to land. Their instantaneous attraction is all well and good — until they reach London, where they must keep apart, never whispering a word of their time together, for fear that the Prince Regent will order them to wed. That’s easier said than done, for though each of them has a private dream about the future, Roman and Esme’s desire for one another has the power to change what’s to come. (AVON, Apr., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin