Image of The Art of Keeping Secrets


Image of The Art of Keeping Secrets

This beautifully written
story starts with an
intriguing premise that
immediately grabs the reader's interest.
Henry uses universal concepts such as belief and faith to delve into the diffi-
cult question of how well we really
know anyone, even those closest to
us. Once again, the setting is the visually vivid South, with characters you quickly come to care about. This is an emotionally wrenching but ultimately healing tale.

Two years have passed since Annabelle Murphy's husband, Knox, was killed in a solo plane crash. Since then she has taken comfort in being with her children and friends. Just when she's ready to move on with her life, Knox's plane is discovered and she learns that he didn't die alone -- there was a woman with him on the plane. This new information pushes Annabelle to re-examine her past and question her belief and faith in her husband and their marriage.

Sofie Milstead knows who the woman on the plane was, but she's well versed in the art of keeping secrets. Annabelle hopes to uncover the truth, and Sofie wonders if she can find the courage to open up and, with Annabelle, come to understand how their pasts were unknowingly intertwined. Can they reassemble the pieces of their broken lives into something different and stronger? (NAL, Jun., 384 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers