Sculptor Dakota Bennington enjoys success professionally, but struggles with her personal life. None of the men in her life appeal to her; most of them are intimidated by her commitment to her career. Determined nothing will keep her from achieving her dreams or expressing her ethnicity, Dakota has almost sworn off relationships until she meets the handsome attorney Pierce Ellis. Though stunned by the attraction she feels for him, Dakota is also dismayed by the way Pierce seems to have bought into corporate life. She's seen first hand how a corporation can destroy people.

Pierce can't believe he's attracted to the bold, fiercely independent Dakota, who rams his lifestyle down his throat each time they're together. He resents her accusations that he's sacrificed his African-American heritage for the corporate image. Yet the more he's with her, the more he wants her. He can't help but wonder if they can ever stop fighting long enough for them to have a relationship, let alone build a life together.

ART OF LOVE is a rich study of how love can be the common denominator that paves the rocky road to a successful relationship with happiness and harmony. (July, 250 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson