Book Review

by Molly Harper

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Sensuality: HOT

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The second in Harper’s Naked Werewolf series gives us even more paranormal romantic goodness. This time, Maggie Graham is the focus and while she isn’t easy to love, she makes the journey worth it. The author’s accurate use of setting is impressive and Harper’s gift for character building and crafting a smart, exciting story is showcased well. This is a series you won’t want to miss.

In the small town of Grundy, Alaska, werewolves howl at the moon. But no one is supposed to know that! Pack alpha Maggie Graham is going to protect their secret no matter what. Even if that means she has to take a playful bite out of adorable researcher Nick Thatcher’s backside. Maggie can’t be distracted by romance because there is a rival werewolf pack nearby and she needs all her focus to prevent a pack war. Fortunately for her, Nick isn’t easy to chase away. (POCKET, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Terri Dukes

Publisher: POCKET

Published: March 2011

Reader Rating

4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
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Protecting the secrete is paramount, or is it?

Submitted by Krista_Heath on April 2, 2011 - 1:30am.


Pack Alpha Maggie Cooper has her hands full as an Alpha-by-election something unheard of in Pack history. What the pack expects her to do which includes continuing the bloodline by marrying a wolf and continuing the genetic lines that are dying out. She knows she is tough, a tom-boy, and perfectly capable of the responsibilities that come with her position. Which includes keeping the pack-secrete and not letting anyone jeopardize their existence.

Along comes Nick Thatcher a very human pretty boy geek who's already decided werewolves exist and is out to prove it. He's everything that could bring her world to a crashing halt if he can find some real evidence, and he seems to be on the right track. That doesn't stop Maggie from drooling over his geeky-hottness, and wanting to pull him closer rather than drive him away.

As the situation becomes more and more complicated around her, Maggie has to decide what is best for the pack, AND her heart.

Molly Harper has delivered characters that are real and refreshing packs them up in the charming community of Grundy Alaska, and finished it off with a good dose of humor, and romance.