Dominick Carlisle, Duke of Wakefield, has been haunted by Parris Sutherland's face since the morning he proposed to her sister. Dominick had no idea that the sexy siren who met him in the garden was Parris and not her unfaithful sister.

Years later he is determined to unmask "Lady Scruples," a menace to London's entire male population. She's a phantom who meets out justice to philandering men. The last person in the world Parris wants to see is Dominick, the man who betrayed her heart; the only person who can threaten her work as "Lady Scruples."

The true fun begins when Dominick accidentally discovers that Parris and the mysterious "Lady" are one and the same. He decides to allow Parris to think he has no clue to her identity and uses his skills as a master seducer to get her to say "I do."

The delightful characters, sensual and fun plot and witty dialogue are all hallmarks of Ms. George's charming romances. However, the foolish misunderstandings that drove the lovers apart (which seemed out of character for a woman as intelligent as Parris to succumb to) kept this from being a standout for me. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin