Image of Art of Sensuality


Image of Art of Sensuality

Machiko and Caleb are sexy characters who are easy to visualize and lust over. The plotline is riveting. You can feel Machiko's pain as she works out her personal demons to try and open up her heart. Caleb is luscious and patient. The sex scenes are yummy. Their chemistry
is electric. This smooth read comes to a
satisfying conclusion. Hot stuff.

Machiko Barrett, an Amerasian artist, was a child prodigy at 3. She has deep, dark secrets that she keeps hidden from the world. House-sitting, she uses the time to prepare for her first gallery showing in years. Neighbor Caleb spots her through a window and is instantly attracted to her. When they meet, things get hot and heavy, but Machiko isn't ready to let go of her angst and puts Caleb through a roller-coaster ride to win her love. (Parker, Nov., 250 pp., $10.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg