Image of The Art of Stealing Time: A Time Thief Novel


Image of The Art of Stealing Time: A Time Thief Novel

Second in the Time Thief series, The Art of Stealing Time is great. New readers may stumble along a bit until getting a feel for who and what the characters are — especially since the Welsh names are a bit difficult — but the author includes a handy glossary in the back to help keep readers on track, and the effort is more than worth it. If you enjoy a delightful combination of humor and character-driven stories, MacAlister’s latest is a must-have.

Gwenhwyfar Byron Owens has been taught all she knows about potions and spells from her two moms, Wiccans who are banned by Otherworld laws from teaching magic to mortals. When their latest indiscretion results in the kidnapping of a mortal woman, Gwen decides to hide them all in Anwyn, the Welsh afterlife. But wouldn’t you know it, Gregory Faa, a member of the Watch, is hot on their heels. He is a Traveller, a time stealer who is ready to prove himself worthy of the Watch. His past with Gwen complicates matters as he is tasked with bringing her to justice. (SIGNET, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)
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Terri Dukes