Catherine Asaro adds another glittering gem to her Skolian collection with the hardback publication of ASCENDANT SUN (4.5G), the continuing adventures of Kelric, The Last Hawk, after his return from the isolated planet of Coba. Skolia, however, is very different after the Radiance conflict, and the rest of his family is either dead or imprisoned. In fact, it really isnt safe to admit his true identity, so to earn money to repair his medical modifications he takes a job with a space merchant trying to make a deal with the equally disarrayed Trader empire. But when the worst happens, and he becomes a captive of Skolias implacable foe, he finds a golden opportunity to change the course of the futureif only he can survive long enough. Ms. Asaro continues to grow in both depth and complexity, seamlessly integrating characterization, plot and scientific conjecture into elegantly developed concepts that both challenge the mind and please the heart. Another knockout display of superlative storytelling!

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer