Image of Ascension: A Dark Breed Novel (Dark Breed Novels)


Image of Ascension: A Dark Breed Novel (Dark Breed Novels)

Ascension provides a different and unique perspective on the vampire/lycan genre, with some Greek mythology thrown in for good measure. Readers will be happily surprised that so many different types of characters are developed in such a way, resulting in a smooth story with some depth. The heroine is a warrior, a smart-talking type typical of the genre, but her love interest brings out a softer side. Because this is an intended series, readers may feel as if parts of the story are missing.

Kyana is the last of the dark breed, half-vampyre/half-lychen. When the Order of Ancients has a mission for her, she must accept the challenge as the only one who stands between humans and hell on earth. In an unlikely alliance, Kyana pairs with the demigod Ryker. Together they discover a sect with treacherous plans and an ancient god with designs on total destruction. Although they have a terrible past, Kyana and Ryker begin to feel a pull toward each other, yet if they don’t resist, it could mean their downfall. (AVON, May, 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes