Readers familiar with the history of Roman Britain know the name Boadicea, the Warrior Queen of the Iceni (Britain) who formed an army of 150,000 to stop the Roman invasion of her land. Her very name conjures up the image of a strong-willed, powerful woman willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for her people. A modern woman living in ancient times and a woman to revere.

With her skill for bringing great women to life by turning them into flesh and blood characters with dreams, hopes, desires, and flaws, Haley Elizabeth Garwood helps to rewrite history from a womans perspective.

As princess of the Iceni, Boadicea had been raised to be both warrior and leader, but she is a young woman, falling in love with her childhood playmate. After his death she shies away from marriage until meeting Prasutagus and once again allowing her heart to open to love. Together they have two daughters. After her fathers death Boadicea fulfills her destiny, taking her place as queen.

Paralleling Boadiceas life is that of the Roman General Suetonius who grows from a young patrician to a respected warrior and revered general. The tragic loss of the women that he loves compels him to seek peace. But Suetonius underestimates Boadicea, never anticipating her courage and the high price that the Romans would ultimately pay for incurring her wrath by raping her daughters.

ASHES OF BRITANNIA sheds light on a fascinating woman and the turbulent ancient world in which she lived. A Druid Priestess, queen and warrior, who was able to read both Greek and Latin, the Boadicea who is created by Haley Elizabeth Garwood is a woman not easily forgotten, whose story will resonate in readers minds forever. SWEET (Jun., 447 pp., $17.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin