Widowed Amanda Jeffrey is barely holding together her family and their horse farm while caring for three small boys and a cantankerous father-in- law. When the roof begins to leak, her prayers for help are answered. Drifter Colin (Cole) Donnelly and his son, Devlin, arrive, looking for work in exchange for a bed and food.

The handsome stranger works hard, and his repairs are just what the house and farm need. And Colin, it seems, is what Amanda needs. His mere presence awakens feelings in her that she thought died the day a stallion killed her husband.

Colin's almost forgotten what it's like to share a home and be part of a family. And Devlin seems to be thriving under Amanda's gentle care. Suddenly the embers of long-dead dreams begin to catch fire.

But Amanda has a ruthless enemy who wants to ensure her farm fails. When Devlin enters the county horse race with the stallion, lives and their newly resurrected dreams are at stake.

Filled with strong characters, family values and a beautiful love story, Ashes of Dreams is as heartwarming and emotional a tale as readers could want. It showcases Langan's ability to create an unforgettable romance in a short format. SENSUAL (Mar., 299 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin