Image of Ashes of Midnight


Image of Ashes of Midnight

The sixth installment of Adrian's smoking-hot series focuses not on one of
the Order's breed warriors, but on a vengeance-obsessed ally. Besides pushing major plotlines forward, this is also
a story about second chances at lost love. Adrian deftly keeps the pace brisk and plot revelations intriguing. Another exceptional series entry!

The discovery of his slaughtered family pushes Darkhaven vampire Andreas Reichen into a quest for vengeance. Andreas learns that his old enemy Wilhelm Roth is behind the slaughter, and he methodically begins eliminating all who participated in the massacre. Unlike other vampires, when Andreas is enraged, he becomes a literal torch of fiery death.

Determined to kill Roth, he comes face to face with Claire, his lost love and the breedmate Roth stole from him. Claire is horrified to learn of her estranged husband's actions. However, killing Andreas' family may be only the tip of the iceberg of Roth's evil. He may be in league with the Order's arch-nemesis, Dragos. (DELL, Jun., 353 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith