Refreshing! Unique! Pulsing with emotion, passion and adventure! Judith O'Brien continues to delight her newfound readers with her talent. ASHTON'S BRIDE is a labor of love since Ms. O'Brien's great-grand-father fought in the Civil War and wooed his beloved Meg through his love letters. ASHTON'S BRIDE is a testimony to that love and to a second chance at happiness and with it, Ms. O'Brien will capture the hearts of time-travel fans everywhere.

A Yankee Civil War buff, Dr. Margaret Garrett is uncomfortable teaching English at Tennessee's Magnolia University. But she falls in love with the country scenery and her house, the famous Rebel's Retreat, the historical cottage home of Confederate General Ashton Johnson.

Intrigued with the General, Margaret accepts the job of indexing all his letters. Through them, Margaret begins to get to know and love Ashton -the man, the soldier, the dreamer- but this does nothing to prepare her for the shock of waking up from a fever in his arms in a by-gone era.

Margaret becomes Meg, Ashton's fickle sweetheart and an alleged Union spy. Once she accepts her "new self" (refusing to betray Ashton or the Confederacy), Margaret concentrates on loving Ashton and taking her rightful place at his side.

But first Margaret must find a way to alter the course of history or lose her beloved Ashton to a sniper's bullet.

(Apr., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer