Image of Assassin's Heart (A Novel of the Order)


Image of Assassin's Heart (A Novel of the Order)

Book two of the Order of Sicari series features star-crossed lovers. Burns’ vivid descriptions add to the menace and action in this tightly written novel. As her protagonists fight both themselves and an overt danger, their relationship is rocky and intense. Burns doesn’t disappoint!

A year ago when he was captured and tortured by the Praetorian Guard, Sicari assassin Lysander learned a terrible truth — he was in fact half Praetorian. As a result, Lysander pulled back from his developing relationship with gifted healer Phaedra DeLuca. That distance is now challenged, as Lysander and Phaedra must travel Rome to track an ancient artifact, the Tyet of Isis. Strangely, both of them are dreaming of ancient Rome and the tragically doomed couple Maximus and Cassiopeia. Phaedra and her talents are now the target of a powerful Praetorian. Are the past and present colliding? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 384 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith