Image of Assassin's Gambit: The Hearts and Thrones Series


Image of Assassin's Gambit: The Hearts and Thrones Series

Raby’s debut heralds the arrival of a terrific new fantasy romance voice joining the genre. Assassin’s Gambit is a multifaceted tale of the sacrifices demanded in the battle over an empire. The hero and heroine of this story are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but are smart enough to see the benefit in collaboration. Raby ably demonstrates that she has a gift for storytelling and readers will absolutely look forward to the next installment of the Hearts and Thrones series!

Because she is half Riorcan, Vitala Salonius trained to be an assassin for the Riorcan resistance since she was a small child. Vitala is given the most critical assassination of her career: killing new Kjallan emperor Lucien Nigellus. Vitala is sent in as a champion of Caturanga, a warlike game that Lucien is obsessed with. However once there, she finds Lucien is not what she expects. Then a coup is launched against Lucien and Vitala saves his life; she’s come to realize that if the coup is successful, the prospective new emperor, Cassian, will decimate the Riorcan people. Now these two must struggle to survive, save both their peoples and battle their burgeoning attraction. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Apr., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith