When Reverend Schrock of the Beechy Grove Mennonite Church dies, falling face forward into a pot of chili, PennDutch Inn owner Magdalena Yoder suspects foul play. In the small community of Hernia, Pennsylvania, everyone seemed to know that the good reverend was severely allergic to peanuts. Did someone deliberately mix peanut butter into the chili?

With a growing list of suspects, Magdalena continues her investigation—with the help of her police chief cousin, Melvin Stolzfus—in her usual forthright, sometimes humorous manner. It appears that the congenial minister was not well-liked by everyone, such as the local farrier, a former convict and the town's most divorced woman. As Magdalena unearths clues in the reverend's death, she learns about his surprisingly checkered past.

Witty and charming, Myers' latest is a captivating cozy, complete with a healthy dose of mystery and tasty chili recipes. Readers once again will be delighted by Magdalena, whose ability to poke fun at herself is on par with her well-honed crime-solving skills. (Feb., 240 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick