Claire Dryden is on the run, pursued by the Pinkertons and a hired killer because she's escaped with a treasure: Michael O'Brien. Claire promised Michael's dying mother, Marilee, that she would protect her baby. Now Claire and Michael have spent years evading their ruthless pursuers, hired by Trevor Wenger, Marilee's father.

Fortune O'Brien's life has been blighted by the loss of his wife, Marilee, and the abduction of his infant son. When the war is over, Fortune learns that his son is still alive and is now six years old.

Fortune also learns of Claire's escape with the baby and of all the years Trevor has tried to find her. Once Claire is located and the hired gun eliminated, Fortune finds the woman he has hated for taking his son to be a devoted mother to Michael.

Unwilling to separate them, Fortune offers Claire marriage with the understanding that his heart will always belong to Marilee. Claire accepts, believing that she has sentenced herself to a life of loving a man who can never love her.

Fast-paced action and escalating romantic tension make ATLANTA a pageturner. These O'Brien men may well be addictive! SENSUAL (Apr., 380 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce