Jordan Summers takes readers to the hot, steamy jungle in her latest paranormal fantasy, where the unimaginable happens and anything is possible.

When Jac hears a shrill scream on her answering machine, she's positive she just heard her best friend die. Determined to find out what happened, Jac heads to the jungle prepared to track down a killer. What she finds is a dark-haired Adonis named Ares. Could he be the killer she seeks?

Ares knows from the moment he sees Jac that she is destined to be his woman for life, and he is willing to do anything to prove his love. But will Jac's suspicions and mistrust destroy their chance for a happy future?

With sizzling sexual content, an action-packed plot and dynamic characters, this is a pleasurable fantasy that's not to be missed. (dl $6.20)

Reviewed by: 
Tanya Kacik