Image of Atlantis Awakening - The Warriors Of Poseidon


Image of Atlantis Awakening - The Warriors Of Poseidon

Poseidon's hot and sexy boys are back and ready to rumble. Day's world continues to gain layers of complexity as
the characters discover more about the events and people evolving around them. Ancient warrior attitudes get a major jolt as they collide with the modern world and feminine power. Pure escapist fun!

Now that they are re-engaging in the world, Poseidon's warriors realize that the darkness they have been sensing continues to grow at an alarming pace, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

Lord Vengeance, brother to the soon-to-be crowned King Conlan, is asked to approach powerful Seattle witch Erin Connors about an alliance. What Ven discovers is a strange bond between them that allows them both to hear the gems she wears sing. Gem singers are thought to be long extinct, so this discovery is unusual. However, with the rise of the evil, ancient vampire Caligula, events are turning deadly. New alliances must be formed, but betrayal may destroy all. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Nov., 284 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith