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Image of Atlantis Betrayed (A Warriors of Poseidon Novel, Book 6)


Image of Atlantis Betrayed (A Warriors of Poseidon Novel, Book 6)

Day serves up her best book to date with this exhilarating, funny adventure. There’s more humor here, which adds zest to the action and romance. Both the protagonists and secondary characters are intriguing and highly
likable. Day has served up the perfect remedy to combat a bad day!

As a Warrior of Poseidon, Christophe’s duty is to protect humanity, something he occasionally struggles with, as he doesn’t really like humans all that much. Christophe has been given the assignment to obtain the Siren, another of the Jewels of Poseidon, which is currently in the British Museum embedded in the sword of William the Conqueror. As Christophe breaks into the museum to steal the sword, he discovers he is not the only one after the jewel when he confronts the infamous Scarlet Ninja. As the Scarlet Ninja, Lady Fiona Campbell has been imitating Robin Hood for a while and she is not about to be outdone by this brash warrior. But things get really interesting when a dangerous third party grabs the sword and plans to enthrall the Shifters with it! (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith