This is Sex in the City lite, where everyone is a little more fabulous, flirtatious, snobby and deceitful than we are—and it's quite all right with us.

Three diverse teen girls are hired to care for four rich children in the Hamptons for the summer. Eliza comes from a fallen-from-grace New York family, her famously wealthy father having "misdirected business funds"; Mara is from South Boston and leads a fairly normal life; and Jacqui, a South American beauty, is in the States to find her long-lost North American love.

Even though they're working, these girls find time to enjoy the privileged life of the Hamptons set. Their only problems? Eliza's jet-setting friends don't know she's broke, Jacqui's American boyfriend isn't who she thinks he is, and sweet Mara is no longer sure who she is in this glamorous life.

De la Cruz takes us right to the Hamptons—the shops, restaurants, clubs and even P. Diddy's annual Labor Day White Party. Her characters are great fun, and human enough to keep us from hating them because they're beautiful. Best of all, if the girls can survive the summer, there might be a job with the family in Palm Springs over the winter break. Hello, sequel. (Jun., 288 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris