Image of Austin: Second Chance Cowboy


Image of Austin: Second Chance Cowboy
AUSTIN: SECOND CHANCE COWBOY (4.5) by Shelley Galloway: Austin Wright has hit rock bottom. After waking up from another night of drinking with blanks in his memory, he has decided to stop before it gets worse. The only problem is, it already appears to be too late when Sheriff Dinah Hart saunters into his store to ask him about stolen merchandise. Dinah believes she is over Austin and the short-lived romance they had in high school, but the investigation puts her in constant contact with him; all those old feelings return. Austin is just getting a handle on being sober, and he isn’t looking for a relationship, but he can’t help being attracted to Dinah. Galloway has added another wonderful entry to her Second Chance tales, with solid characters and a tale that stays very true to the series. Readers will also love the wrap-up of the underlying storyline.
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Sabrina Cooper