Image of The Autumn Bride (A Chance Sisters Romance)


Image of The Autumn Bride (A Chance Sisters Romance)

Readers will want to take a chance on this delightful, heartwarming series about sisters of the heart, family, friends and the fun and passion of romance. Gracie lifts readers’ spirits, creating a delightful cast of characters, tender moments and lighthearted repartee designed to tug at the heart. Keep a hankie handy for tears of laughter and joy.

After rescuing her sister and two other women from a brothel, governess Abigail Chantry breaks into a deserted mansion hoping to steal something to sell. Instead she finds the bedridden, neglected owner, Lady Beatrice Davenham. Abby fires the heartless staff, moves herself and her “sisters” into the house and, at Lady Bea’s suggestion, passes them off as her nieces. It’s working out wonderfully until Lady Bea’s nephew, Max, Lord Davenham, returns after years in the East. Infuriated, Max decides to expose Abby and the others as imposters. But he is enchanted by Abby, whose determination to care for his aunt and her family is admirable. Can would-be enemies come to a truce and, in the process, find a lasting love? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Feb., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin