Diane Teal, a video reviewer, is resigned to her work and doesn't yet know that she is dissatisfied with her life. Then she is struck by a bolt of lightning that transports her to medieval France and Marbeau, home of depressed knight Simon of Argent.

Simon has a lot to be depressed about. His daughter has been kidnapped on her way to her true calling at a convent, and his son wants to kill him.

Jacques, wizard extraordinaire, descendent of the great Merlin, and Simon's very own wizard, has searched for the perfect woman to bring Simon out of the doldrums.

Except Jacques bumbles a bit and Diane arrives unable to talk except when she tells stories. He explains to Diane and Simon that she is under a spell called a geis and until she falls in love, she will remain mute.

Ms. Sizemore has a lot of action going on. She introduces Arthurian myth and modern movie themes. Some readers may note that Simon seems too modern for his time and that Diane has too many burdens put upon her, so that falling in love seems the last thing she should consider. SENSUAL (Dec., 340 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer