Readers who remember Hunter Maxwell from Ms. Lowell's Only series will find themselves captured by this daring, sensual hero's own story set in Nevada's beautiful and dangerous Ruby Mountains.

Searching for the outlaw renegade who killed his family, Hunter finds himself at Elyssa Sutton's ranch. The courageous young woman is barely holding on to her land while her cattle are being stolen by the very men Hunter is tracking. He takes a job as foreman, partly as a cover and partly because he is intrigued by Elyssa.

From the moment he rides up to the ranch house, Elyssa knows Hunter is someone special; dark and dangerous, a man with a secret, but a man she can and must trust if she is to save her home. As their story unfolds, she falls deeply in love with him, knowing that his need for vengeance and his inability to trust women outweigh his growing passion for her, yet willing to let him stay as her AUTUMN LOVER and then move on.

However, they will fight together in strength and in passion to regain the land and perhaps find a year- round love that defies the pain and savagery of the past and the dangers of the present.

The steaming sensuality and pulse pounding excitement of AUTUMN LOVER are exactly what readers have come to expect from the one and only Elizabeth Lowell, whose reputation for creating romances that are not only highly sensual, but utterly memorable, is exceeded only by her storytelling talents. Look for Hunter's brother Case's story WINTER FIRE to be published in hardcover in the fall. VERY SENSUAL (Apr., 406 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin