Bast returns readers to the fantasy world of Nordan and Sudhra in this enchanting final book of her Seasons quartet. She delivers the perfect combination of intrigue, romance and erotic encounters, beautifully wrapping up loose endings and leaving the reader well satisfied that Nordan and Sudhra will live on long after the last page is turned.

After rescuing Lady Anaisse of Sudhra from vicious kidnappers, Lord Gregor of Nordan delivers the shocking news that she has been bartered in a political marriage to him to create peace between their lands.

For Gregor, however, the marriage is about much more than politics. Desire for Anaisse has consumed him since the first moment he saw her. Unfortunately, because Anaisse was raised in the repressed Sudhraian culture, she fears Gregor and the desires he awakens in her body. Anaisse believes that succumbing to him will cause her to become little more than his chattel.

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Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell