Canadian Voyager Alain Beaujeu is the product of a marriage between a woman from a socially prominent Montreal family and an Acadian trapper. An educated man, he chooses to travel between Indian Territory and Albany, New York, conducting his illegal trade.

On one trip he meets pampered blueblood Tamson Steware, who disparages his heritage. Tamson lives to regret her arrogance when Alain takes her hostage, planning to use her in exchange for his family who have been sent into exile.

Nothing could have prepared Tamson for the rigors of horseback travel through the untamed land, being captured by Indians and traded to Alain's friend for rifles. Everything she experiences drives her to the brink of madness and her vulnerability is Alain's undoing. He vows to bring her home after he has seen to his ailing father. Tamson nurses Alain's father until his death. On his deathbed he reveals a secret that will forever change Alain's life.

Despite Alain's resolve to maintain their relationship as captor and captive, when they board a ship bound for Montreal and Tamson regains her sanity, they find themselves as much at war as the countries around them. But throughout their ordeals, their love remains steadfast.

The spirited lovers and non-stop adventure in AUTUMN ROSE get Ms. Windsor's Borderline Series off to a rousing start. SENSUAL (Dec., 412 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor