Ranney sparkles with a fast-paced, thrilling, gothic-style romance set in the wilds of Scotland, peopled with engaging characters and containing a sexy plot that will make you wish it were autumn all year long.

Married to Gregory MacKinnon, a man she barely knows, who runs off with her dowry, Charlotte Haversham wraps herself in her pride and goes to her husband's ancestral home, the legendary Castle Balfurin. Charlotte falls in love with the dilapidated building and sets about restoring the keep and the lands. Five years later, her husband returns, no longer a wastrel but a kinder, gentler, smarter and even sexier man.

Dixon MacKinnon arrives to find the crumbling ruin of Balfurin a true home, complete with a woman who claims she is his wife. Dixon decides to let Charlotte think what she wants while he investigates Gregory's disappearance and continues hunting for a legendary treasure hidden somewhere on the grounds. But it's more than treasure Dixon finds -- it's a woman of passion and dedication. If he reveals his identity he risks losing Charlotte; if he doesn't, could he lose the treasure? (Avon, Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin