Image of Autumn  Song (Seasons of the Heart)


Image of Autumn  Song (Seasons of the Heart)

The second book in the Seasons of the Heart series has a heroine who is feisty and determined and a lovable, down-to-earth hero. The characters are working on making their dreams come true, despite people telling them they should do something else.

Daniel Monroe has come to Porterfield to start a law practice. He is taken with Kathleen Muldoon, but appalled by her plans to be a nurse. He believes women should only treat women and children, not be subject to gunshots, beatings and death. Kathleen is furious with this stranger, how dare he tell her she should not be a nurse to the masses. Her temper further flares when she learns Daniel is the one who worked out a timber rights agreement between ranchers and lumberjacks that could ruin her family’s ranch. (REALMS, Oct., 304 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans