Autumn in the Vineyard is best savored like the fine wines it evokes. This romance is heartwarming, as Frankie struggles to bring down the shields she has built up and allow someone in. The tangled and complicated relationships between the two very large families featured in the novel can be confusing initially; however, Adair wisely chooses key characters to explain things. The romance between Frankie and Nate is both sensitive and fiery, peppered liberally with sexy scenes. Give this one a read some fall night with a good glass of red wine.

After being shunned by her grandfather and kicked out of the family wine business, Francesca is trying to forge her own path by buying a new vineyard and making it her own. Much to her shock, she finds that her longtime rival Nate DeLuca has bought the other parcel of land. Forced by a judge to work with him, Frankie finds herself giving Nate a second chance despite her better instincts, but drama between their families stands to shatter all that they have built. Will Frankie find what it takes to fix the rift? (MONTLAKE, Oct., 318 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Mary Bennings