Image of Available Dark: A Crime Novel


Image of Available Dark: A Crime Novel

Award-winner Hand, best known for fantasy and horror, brings her great skill to a mystery series that’s equally dark and enthralling. Her edgy loner photographer protagonist has a punk background, a perilous life and a temper that could get her killed. Beautiful writing and elegant, intelligent style make this a pleasure.

Cass Neary, wanted by the police for questioning, takes a job in Helsinki to evaluate photos by a cult fashion photographer who also specializes in collecting and producing black-market murderabilia. The photos are eerily beautiful; the murders real and frightening. Cass continues to Reykjavík, following clues that might lead to her first teenage love. Drugs, murder and a black metal cult combine in an edge-of-your seat read. (MINOTAUR, Feb., 256 pp., $23.99)

Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor