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by Heather Killough-Walden

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Sensuality: HOT

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With the launch of her new Lost Angels series, Killough-Walden offers readers a sizzling novel populated with highly intriguing characters, not the least of which is the “villain.” Good story pacing, believable characters and sizzling sex add up to an author and a series to watch!

Uriel, the former Archangel of Vengeance and his brothers Michael, Gabriel and Azrael have spent millennia hunting for the female angels created for them. The archesses were lost to Earth when Samael lead a revolt against the “old man.” In his most recent identity Uriel is movie heartthrob Christopher Daniels, and during a publicity stop in a bookstore restroom, Uriel discovers his archess Eleanore Granger. Because of her unique abilities, Ellie has been on the run from mysterious men in paramilitary gear, so she is not interested in high-profile Christopher. Then Ellie is approached by another handsome man, the media mogul Samuel Lambert, who is also not what he seems. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Nov., 416 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed By: Jill M. Smith


Published: November 2011

Reader Rating

4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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The Search for the Archesses Is on

Submitted by Aisling McCann on June 21, 2012 - 10:10am.

"Avenger's Angel," is the story of the four favored archangels, Uriel, Gabriel, Azrael, and Michael, and their quest to locate their archesses, or soul mates. The entity known as The Old Man creates these archesses as a reward for their loyalty, but suddenly scatters them angrily to earth when other angels furiously rebel. The four favored choose to go down to primitive earth and search for their loves, never expecting it will take 2,000 years before one is found. As archangels they are perfectly handsome - and awfully sexy, but unique from each other. They never age and are immortal - almost. . . .And they aren't choir boys - they sleep around, get roaring drunk, have fights. However, they also use their gifts throughout history to assist mankind. It all adds to their ultimate charm and sex appeal. The Old Man has supplied them with a guardian, Max Gillihan, who assists them using his own supernatural gifts, especially covering any tracks that may leave them open to scrutiny.

The first to discover his archess is Uriel, the former Archangel of Vengeance, and this is mainly the story of him and his archess Ellie. Uriel's alter ego is Christopher Daniels, an actor who is quickly becoming a mega star with his portrayal of the sexy vampire Jonathon Brakes. He recognizes Ellie immediately from his dreams and begins the difficult task of wooing her, as her history has left her very distrustful and she isn't crazy about finding herself drawn to a movie star. Winning Ellie's trust becomes even more complicated for Uriel when another angel, Samael, immensely charming, sexy and tremendously powerful, decides to step in the middle of them. There is also a band of rogue angels interested in the archesses but with a decidedly different agenda.

Each character is unique in this novel - these are not just cookie cutter angels. Even the rebels have distinctive looks, traits and moral compasses. There are no skimpy characters and no skimpy action. This is a sexy book, but it also offers great adventure and creative paranormal twists and turns that add to the overall tension and left me unable to put it down. It is a great story. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series, "Messenger's Angel."