When women's shelter director Regan Keller hears the news, she knows that Rachel's House has a problem. A killer, dubbed "The Avenger" by the press because his victims are all spouse abusers, is on the loose. Regan makes a connection between the killer and Rachel's House—the victims are all related to women who are, or have been, residents of the shelter.

Fearing the impact that an investigation will have, Regan contacts wealthy Lillian Court, who is the shelter's sponsor. Wanting to keep this from the press–and the police as well—Lillian sends her son, Alex, undercover to Rachel's House, ostensibly to fix the roof. However, Regan's problems are growing as she is suddenly the police's prime suspect in the murders. Whoever the killer is, they have a close connection to the shelter.

Vigilantism or justice? This is the central question in the awesome Ms. Dare's intense and gripping new thriller. As always, the characters are deep and the action intense. (Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith