Simpson continues the Wolfram
saga as a young woman becomes entwined in dark secrets while
threads of werewolves myth, greed, passion, lies and deceptions swirl around pulling you into a tightly
crafted paranormal romance with
gothic overtones. Victoria Holt
would be proud.

For two years Melisande Davidovich has felt safe at Wolfram Castle, when suddenly the howling of the wolves portends danger. Two men arrive, the charismatic Count Kazimir Dimitre Vasilov and Count Gavril Sevastjan claiming her father, once an infamous thief, stole a legendary chalice that holds the key to a mystery cure.

Though Melisande is concerned for her father she is completely drawn to Kazimir and begins doubting her father's innocence and questioning the validity of the stories surrounding the Wolfram family werewolves legends. Slowly she is dragged down a dangerous path that will lead to great love or a horrible death as good and evil collide. (Berkley Nov., 390 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin