Set in a futuristic Chicago, Showalter's novel features alien hunter Mia Snow, who's likely to kick any male action hero's butt. A fierce combination of intelligence, strength and determination makes Mia a successful hunter, but when her partner is left struggling for his life, she is forced to seek help from the sexy, dangerous alien Kyrin.

It's hard to resist such a heady mixture of speculative fiction, romance and chick lit. In Mia, Showalter has created a woman who can be sexy as well as strong, a take-charge character who is more than a match for the powerful, seductive Kyrin.

The opening chapters are not as smooth as they could be—the action sometimes drags and then shifts into overdrive, but eventually the pacing evens out. The twisty plot uses the occasional cliché, but other events are shocking. Fans of TV's Alias will find this book especially appealing, but so will readers looking for a strong heroine and a zesty romance.(Jun., 336 pp., $12.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter