New author Robin Schone makes her debut with an erotic time-travel romance that is brimming over with sexuality. Readers looking for a true taste of Scotland or an adventure romance will not find it here. However, for a sizzling night's read AWAKEN, MY LOVE fits the bill.

Elaine, a computer analyst trapped in a dull marriage, wakes up in a foreign land and another body. She is now Morrigan, a young bride in 19th century Scotland whose husband has just consummated their marriage.

Fearful of exposing herself Elaine/ Morrigan decides to say nothing-literally. She asks no questions about where she is, who she is, or when, if ever, she will return to her life.

Morrigan's husband Charles, Baron of Aricotte, who has lusted after his frigid bride for over a year, decides to exercise his conjugal rights nightly with his silent wife.

Charles and Elaine enjoy the marriage bed with vigor and become obsessed with each other. Elaine is so fearful of losing Charles by breaking her silence that it is only when Morrigan's family denounce her as a witch that she finds her voice.

Charles and Elaine put up a united front to fight Morrigan's family, but there is a much more horrible villain lurking nearby -- one who knows Elaine's secret and who will stop at nothing to destroy her.

(July, 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer