Image of The Awakened Mage: Kingmaker, Kingbreaker: Book 2


Image of The Awakened Mage: Kingmaker, Kingbreaker: Book 2

The nerve-racking conclusion to Miller's fantasy epic unfolds with danger, treachery and deception creeping ever closer. The main characters will be forced to face their fears, with varying degrees of success. Sacrifice and destiny may be prophesied, but it takes extraordinary strength of character
to face the odds.

After killing off the Doranen royal family, except for magic-less Prince Gar, evil mage Morg takes possession of the body of Conroyd Jarralt, the main contender for the weather-working throne. Determined to keep Conroyd from becoming king, Gar begs his Olken best friend, Asher, to secretly help perform weather magic, something Asher is not supposed to do.

But treachery is all around as the apocalyptic final days approach. If Morg succeeds in bringing down Barl's magical wall, all are doomed. Prophecy has foretold of an Olken mage able to perform Doranen magic, but can Asher prevail against long odds, and the anger within him? (ORBIT, Oct., 736 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith