Deirdre, Juliette, Anne and Lisa, four thirtysomething women who first met at a mother's group, meet monthly for dinner to discuss their lives. At one of these dinners they each decide to set a goal and work toward it. This leads to unexpected changes in all of their lives—and a heartwarming novel.

With its rotating points of view and captivating characters, Babes in Captivity carefully explores what it means to each of these women to be a wife, mother and sexual being. The problems they face range from Deirdre's unfulfilled dreams to Lisa's life-threatening illness, and Satran balances each plotline with equity.

Lisa's character and story are perhaps the most compelling, but it is Juliette, with her special-needs child and controlling, cold husband, who is likely to be seen as most sympathetic. Ultimately, each woman finds her own definition of marriage and fulfillment, as the author's fast-paced storytelling takes the reader on an often funny, yet poignant journey. (Jul., 320 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter