Image of The Baby Agenda


Image of The Baby Agenda
THE BABY AGENDA (4) by Janice Kay Johnson: After her boyfriend bows out of their relationship to get back together with an old flame, architect Moira Cullen indulges in a one-night fling with builder Will Becker and winds up pregnant. Moira hesitates to tell Will because he’s left the country to build hospitals in Africa and she doesn’t want him to feel trapped, but she eventually contacts him and confesses. Will insists on being part of the baby’s life, and moves back from Africa and wants to marry her. Johnson does an excellent job depicting the insecurities inherent in a relationship that begins due to pregnancy. Both Will with his longing to build meaningful things in a poor country and Moira with her insecurities over her looks come across as quite realistic.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay