Image of Baby, Baby


Image of Baby, Baby

Actress Tatiana Fox is having a bad day. She has just discovered that her poet husband, Kerr, is leaving her for another man. Her nanny is quitting, and Tatiana must take her twin toddlers with her to audition for a major part in a movie.

Luck is smiling on her when she meets Jack Thorpe on her way to the audition, and he agrees to watch her children. The tall, gorgeous, Aussie ex-soccer star seems the perfect antidote to two fussy toddlers. When Tatiana offers Jack a job as a personal trainer, he can hardly refuse, as his funds are in dire straits at the moment. The personal trainer position quickly changes into a "manny" or male nanny job. As her children bond with Jack, he becomes a fixture in their lives and the life of their mother.

Reminiscent of Marian Keyes's latest novel, Angels, though very different in tone, Ms. Adams' story pokes fun at the narcissistic lifestyle of Hollywood celebrity wannabees and has-beens. Alternately funny and serious, this fast-paced romp gives a fresh twist to the classic contemporary romance. (Aug., 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick