In this first book of Wiesner's Family Heirlooms series, a number of couples are having marital problems. Their belief in God and his ability to see them through makes this a heartwarming and inspiring romance. The message of love and faith is presented in an entertaining and non-preachy way.

When a stranger offers to buy a gift basket Tamara Wolfe made for her family, she feels God is leading her to start a business. But when her husband, Robert, struggling with mood swings and depression, hears of the enterprise, he's not supportive to say the least. Instead, he suggests that now would be a good time to have that sixth child they once wanted.

This behavior, so like his controlling father's, puts their satisfying marriage in jeopardy. Will their faith in God be strong enough to see them through? (, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley