Image of The Baby Battle


Image of The Baby Battle
THE BABY BATTLE (3) by Laura Marie Altom: Tag O'Malley is overjoyed that a fertility clinic's mistake has provided him with a son. But the child's mother, Olivia Marshall, wants nothing to do with the handsome man who claims to be her child's father. But the court gives them joint custody of the little boy, so they must learn to work together. Running from a cheating fiance and a previous miscarriage, Olivia isn't looking for a partner to help her raise her child, and Tag is definitely not ready to move on after his wife's death. But when he suggests that Olivia and the baby move in with him, they fall in love. Can Olivia and Tag leave the past behind to become a family? Altom's couple are wonderful characters that do their part to refresh an old and tired storyline.
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Pat Cooper