Like all the women in town, Caro Evans hates Max Riley. Still, she helps him collect his 6-month-old daughter after the death of the baby's mother. Max didn't know he had a daughter, and he certainly wasn't prepared to travel 3,000 miles with an infant. Caro is sure that Max is trying to wiggle out of paternity, but she's determined that this is one child he'll take responsibility for. Caro doesn't count on falling for the charming Max, but she also won't accept a man who won't live up to his responsibilities. Susan Meier offers a heart-tugging tale in BABY ON BOARD (3). Readers will fall in love with Max, but Caro's internal struggles are a little hard to take at times. Also, the quick tying up of loose ends makes for an unsatisfying ending.

Reviewed by: 
Judith Rippelmeyer