Wesley "Baby Brother" Jameson has made bad decisions all his life. As a last resort, he's placed in a rehabilitation program that's sure to make or break him -- the Army. At 19, he's thrust into a war zone far more brutal than the streets he's grown to love. His luck changes when he receives word that his estranged mother has died. Instead of attending the funeral, he takes a trip to Atlanta, planning to escape the Army. A bona fide hustler, he's sure that everything will fall into place.

Blue Hamilton is a vigilante. Most often recognized for his outstanding vocals and intense blue eyes, he's always been in the limelight. Armed with his own sense of justice, he thrives on keeping the community safe -- at all costs. Deciding to take a chance on helping Baby Brother, Blue uncovers a political timebomb of drugs, deceit and murder, which leads to a true test of loyalty. The real question is, who's going to be standing at the end?

Cleage gives great detail and background. Those things, plus the characters, intensify the story, capturing an in-depth snapshot of political blackmail, true love and the art of being true to self. (Feb., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
B. Williams